4 Preparation Before Facebook Ads, Make Conversions Good!

Before creating a Facebook Ads ad, there are a few things you need to prepare. Well, the following will be explained about the preparation before facebook ads ads. Curious about what these preparations are?

Things to Prepare Before Creating Facebook Ads

4 Preparation Before Facebook Ads, Make Conversions Good!

The presence of Facebook Ads is a profitable business media revolution for business people. With this feature you can offer your products by reaching more consumers.

Below are some things to prepare when you want to create Facebook Ads.

1. Create Facebook Pages

Before registering for Facebook Ads then you have to create a Facebook Pages first. You can create a name and category of Facebook pages that are tailored to your business.

The existence of Facebook Pages is indeed an important component in your business. Even this Facebook Pages can also increase credibility in the business you run.

To create Facebook pages, you can open an account via the following link https://www.facebook.com/pages/creation/

Post a profile photo, cover photo, and other complete information related to your business.

2. Create Facebook Ads

Next, you also have to know how to create Facebook Ads. You can create Facebook Ads on a website that opens the Facebook Ads page.

In Facebook Ads, there are two types of ad accounts, namely personal ad accounts and ad accounts in business managers. On personal accounts, the features available for advertising purposes are still relatively few and not very complete. Usually this personal account is used for beginners.

Meanwhile, the business account manager offers more complete features with widespread integration as well. Therefore, you can immediately learn on this business manager account to gain extraordinary experience in creating Facebook Ads ads.

In order to create this account, you can visit the following Facebook site https://business.facebook.com/

3. Prepare an Advertising Budget

Please note that Facebook Ads login is free, but to be able to install Facebook Ads ads you need to prepare a budget. As a first step, you can try it at the smallest cost first, which is IDR 100,000.

If the ad will have good prospects and have a beneficial impact on the business, then you can increase the advertising cost budget slowly.

4. Set up Facebook Ads Payments

In addition to setting up the fees that need to be paid, you’ll also need to set up an ad payment method. This payment method is what distinguishes personal accounts from business accounts.

On a business account, you can only use payment by credit or debit card. While on a personal account, you can use the bank transfer payment method.

In the Facebook payment system, an account payment initiation system usually applies. Thus, if the account is often used for advertising, the billing limit in Facebook ad payments also tends to increase.

Well, maybe that’s the discussion about preparing before Facebook Ads ads. Hopefully, the discussion above can be useful for you. Goodbye!

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