5 Preparations Before Tiktok Ads, Selling Skyrocketed!

Tiktok is becoming a platform that is loved by many people today. No wonder this opportunity is used by brands or marketers to create Tiktok Ads ads. Before creating it, you have to make preparations before the Tiktok Ads ad.

Curious about what preparations need to be made? No need to worry, the following will be shared some things that need to be prepared before you install Tiktok Ads.

Get to know Tiktok Ads

The first step you need to take before deciding to create a Tiktok Ads ad is to understand what Tiktok Ads are. Tiktok Ads itself has two budgeting options, namely daily or daily and lifetime or lifetime.

From these two options you can choose which one is the most appropriate for you to use. From the tools offered, it turns out that you can also create a target audience of advertised products such as based on gender, age, or location.

Creating Tiktok Ads Campaign

After knowing Tiktok Ads, you can immediately create a Tiktok Ads account. The trick is to visit the Tiktok Ads site then click on the Create an Ad Button section which is located in the upper right corner.

If you have successfully created a Tiktok Ads account, then on the dashboard page, many menus will appear available. Select it on the Campaign menu then click Create so you can create Tiktok Ads.

Also determine the objectives of your campaign. There are three options that allow you to choose from, namely traffic, app installs, and conversions.

Setting Up an Advertising Budget

Before placing ads, you must also prepare a certain amount of funds according to the Tiktoks Ads budget you choose. You can choose to langgaann daily or for life.

Actually, for novice sellers who want to advertise their products through Tiktok Ads, the daily budget will be more economical. Meanwhile, businesses that have developed can use advertising with a life time budget.

Creating Ad Videos in Vertical Form

You also have to prepare which videos you want to advertise. For that, you need to create advertising content first. Tips for using Tiktok Ads are that you have to make a video with a vertical shape.

Why vertical shapes? This is because Tiktok is a video sharing platform so the video format is a vertical for a mobile audience. Thus, make sure your ad content is vertical video with a resolution of 9: 16 pixels.

Conducting Research on Applicable Trends

Another preparation you need to do is to monitor how the trend is currently prevailing. Creating trend-appropriate ads can increase the likelihood that your ads are much more noticed than other competitors.

So that you know what trends are booming then you can analyze the market on fyp Tiktok regarding what trends are being followed. By creating ads according to trends, your advertising opportunities in reaching the audience will be even greater.

Well, that’s the discussion about the preparation before the Tiktok Ads ad. Hopefully, some of the things that need to be prepared above can help you to be more mature to advertise products to Tiktok Ads.

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