The delicious Dried Buffalo Meat in Northern Vietnam


Northwestern Vietnam is the living place of many ethnic groups; with their traditional experience, they have made lots of strange and delicious food for a long time. Buffalo meat hung in the kitchen or dried buffalo meat is a specialty flavors such traditions.

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Dried buffalo meat – delicacies is no stranger to those who had once traveled to the Highlander. The so-taste, chewy chewy, sweet buffalo meat kitchen hung not only captivates local tourists but for the international visitors this is one of the specialties of the mountains but if once tasted remember never forget.

On each occasion buffalo surgery, usually on the holidays mountain people often for several buffalo meat muscle, tendon and had no fresh buffalo meat processing kitchen upstairs. This dish comes from the Thai black, they brought buffalo meat hung up on the roof of the kitchen to eat longer.

The Thai black

Today dried buffalo meat has gradually become known specialties in every travel opportunity northwest. Not only is the traditional food of the holidays, the kitchen upstairs buffalo meat is also brought people here to do the dinner dishes when the visitors.

Making Dried Buffalo Meat

Fresh buffalo meat is hung on kitchen, cut along the grain into pieces for easy to copy marinated. Spices of this dish include lemongrass, ginger, garlic, dried chili and of course, what makes the success of dish not to mention suffering leaves compliment.

Fresh buffalo meat is hung on kitchen

After being marinated spices range of about 2 hours, buffalo meat is slanting through the iron rod, hang up the kitchen, until meat is smoked black, shriveled to preserve. When hanging meat most important thing which is the distance should not hang too close to avoid meat charcoal fire outside, the inside is not cooked.

Drying meat is also given time, approximately range from 8 months to 1 year should not be dried too tough and hard to eat, lose the sweetness of the meat. Currently, dried buffalo meat is also considered as a New Year gift, partly because the natural sweet taste of it.

Dried buffalo meat is also considered as a New Year gift

Dried buffalo meat, for those who enjoy going for the first time feel a pungent smell of smoky taste a long time, you may find it hard to the palate, but the steak was down to your throat brings How sweet tasty diners makes bewitching.

Buffalo meat drying period and flowing with attractive odor of its own, one removed, wrapped in newspaper to avoid mold. Before you eat, you can give the meat in a microwave, rotating 2-minute range, can also grill the meat or eat well. On winter days, hang kitchen and eat buffalo meat and spicy chili sauce, drink wine and corn is still nothing.

Today, to meet the needs of the guests favorite dried buffalo meat, the people of the Northwest has opened a specialized production base of buffalo meat to supply the kitchen upstairs market.

Buffalo meat is hung kitchen dish capital of the northwestern mountains, upstairs upstairs kitchen can to be so long. But for lowland climate when it monsoon or high humidity, diners can leave in the freezer may also be preserved meats celebrated in one year.

After a period of time, the meat is dried which make a specific flavor. Dried buffalo meat with delicious taste and no preservative substance become the favorite food of many visitors.

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