Paragliding in Mendoza

Paragliding in Mendoza

Paragliding is a popular activities you can easily find in anywhere with your adventure – all you need is to find a mountain you’ll be sure to find somebody to supply you with equipment to fly off of it. However, to find an ideal place to paraglide like Mendoza is not easy.

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The best thing about paragliding in Mendoza is the mountainous view as you soar through the air like a bird of prey. The second best thing about paragliding in Mendoza is that it is a lot, lot cheaper than paragliding in many other parts of the world.


The paragliding excursion in Mendoza has become a product that, along with the best wine in the world and the ascent to Mount Aconcagua, is already a trademark.

Mount Aconcagua
Mount Aconcagua

“A classic no one should miss”, asserts one of the instructors from one of the most popular paragliding schools in the city that has been inviting the brave to fly across the skies for years now.

The tour started when they picked us up at our lodging. There are two shifts: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. As a result of the prevailing dry climate, it is possible to paraglide year round, provided that the weather conditions are favorable.

Just fifteen minutes away from the City of Mendoza, there lies Mount Arco, a matchless outdoor activity and flying center at 1,640 meters of height. The famous General San Martín Park and the entire City of Mendoza may be observed from its top.

General San Martín Park
General San Martín Park

4WD vehicles are used to reach the summit, where the logistics of the flight are prepared. The thrill of adventure started to run through our veins as we approached our destination and watched all the preparations.

It is important to point out that this location is also enjoyed by hikers, joggers and mountain bikers. In the case of paragliding, the activity allows unrivaled contact with nature. “Suitable for the entire family”, said the instructor while he secured the harness and gave us basic instructions to feel completely safe during this adventure.

Because safety is the number one premise of the pilots. In fact, all of them are highly experienced in the subject. One thing to consider is that all pilots flying tandem must have at least 200 hours of solo flight. This fact lets adventurers enjoy the flight in the knowledge that there is someone who studied, trained and practiced a lot to take them down on this experience second to none.

“At first, once we manage to raise the sail, we must run forwards. This way, we will take off as soon as possible”. And thus, in a matter of seconds, we were flying over the heads of all the other people who were getting their gear ready.

Once in the air, we could see the entire city. The only thing left for us to do was to enjoy the scenery and the unique sensation of flying. There is nothing in the world like comparing oneself to a bird. A moment hard to forget.