Here’s How to Sell Online on Facebook, Sell Quickly!

Facebook is a social media that in addition to being used for activities in social networks can also be used for business. You can also use Facebook to sell various products. So, how do you sell online on Facebook?

Don’t worry, this article is here to answer your confusion about how to sell online on Facebook so that it sells quickly. Let’s see the discussion to the end!

Use a Facebook Business Account

Tips in selling online on Facebook are to take advantage of a business manager account on Facebook. Through facebook business, your selling account will look professional so that it is more trusted by consumers.

For that, if you’re still using regular Facebook, immediately switch to creating a business manager account. Thus you can take advantage of various business features to optimize your online business activities.

Use Marketplace

The next best-selling tip for selling online is to use the marketplace. Even how to sell online on Facebook without capital, one of which is by utilizing the marketplace feature.

This Facebook Marketplace makes your online selling options will be easier. To offer products on the marketplace, follow the tutorial below:

  1. Open your Facebook account then select it on the Home menu;
  2. On the Home menu, clickMarketplace on the left;
  3. ClickSell item then the item is sold. Upload some photos of items that are not sold;
  4. Also enter information related to the product, be it the name, description, or price of the product;
  5. ClickNext then when you have finished click Publish to be able to post the product offer on your Marketplace.

Done, after creating a marketplace post, the products you offer can reach more people and expand. The chances of products being bought by consumers are also higher.

Writing Honest Product Descriptions

For buyers, seller honesty is an important point, especially in buying and selling online. For that, you are required to provide a complete and honest description of the products you offer.

The existence of an honest description certainly helps buyers how the product is pictured as well as being able to convince buyers about the product offered. On the Facebook page, you can write the description in the column provided.

The existence of product descriptions is known to help build the trust of potential buyers. This allows the emergence of many offers so that it can help you to sell goods faster.

Be Responsive and Friendly

To improve the shopping experience for consumers so that you no longer hesitate in repeat orders, you must provide optimal service. You must be responsive and friendly in responding to questions from customers.

Try to reply responsively, quickly, and friendly. That way, consumers will not feel reluctant and can get a pleasant shopping experience.

Well, until here is a discussion about how to sell online on Facebook. With the tips and tutorials above, hopefully the business you run on Facebook can sell well and be profitable! See you in the next article!

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