Tips and How to Overcome Complaints from Customers Properly

As a customer service person who is at the forefront of interaction with customers, of course, it is not uncommon to find many complaints and complaints from customers. If this happens, then you need to understand how to handle complaints from customers properly.

Not a few customers are dissatisfied with the products of a brand. This does not directly create a bad image of your brand, but can be a whip to improve the quality of the brand.

For this reason, you as the owner and CS of a brand must be able to handle customer complaints correctly and appropriately. Here is the full discussion!

Tips for Handling Customer Complaints

Below are some tips and ways to handle customer complaints that you can try to apply:

1. Be Patient and Don’t Get Emotions

Businesses generally have staff, namely customer service who are in charge of handling customer complaints. It is important for CS to handle customer complaints, namely being patient.

For that, as a CS you must listen to complaints from customers patiently and listen carefully. Don’t let yourself get carried away with emotions. Instead, you should try to calm the customer who is complaining.

2. Pay close attention to customers

The next way to handle disappointed and angry customers is to treat customers well. When a customer feels angry and complains with annoyance, then you as customer service must focus your full attention on them.

When dealing with customers, you really have to pay attention to the customers when they talk and listen to what is being said. This can make them feel calmer because they are being listened to.

Don’t interrupt a customer’s conversation until they’ve finished their conversation. Especially against what was said. Listen first, what is being said and understand what the customer wants.

3. Understanding Complaints

After listening carefully, then you should be able to catch the points of what customers expect. If a customer expresses a complaint regarding a problematic product or unsatisfactory service.

So, you can try to find the most suitable solution or solution. For example, if there is a complaint about a defective product, you can submit a warranty mechanism for the replacement of a new product.

4. Offering Help

When you have found the most suitable solution, then you can offer help to customers. Being proactive and offering help is indeed the core tips of dealing with customer complaints.

Assistance with problems experienced by customers so that they can be resolved properly. Of course, the solution that you will help with is adjusted to the regulations and policies of the company.

Do not let you provide a solution which is against the company. This, could be a boomerang that has the potential to harm the company or make things more complicated.

For this reason, look for solutions based on careful and careful consideration in order to obtain the best solution for the problems complained of by customers.

5. Apologize

The last thing that must be done as a CS is to admit mistakes on behalf of the company that owns the brand and apologize sincerely. This complaint or complaint must have happened because the customer was dissatisfied, so CS had to be generous with apologizing to the customer.

Alright, maybe that’s the only discussion that can be conveyed about how to deal with complaints from customers. Hopefully the above discussion will be useful information for you. See you later!

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